Budweiser red lights setup instructions

Step 1 Downloading the app

In order to get your Budweiser Red Light connected, you need to download our Budweiser Red Lights App from the App Store™ or Google Play™ Store (if using an Android smartphone).

  • Search “Budweiser Red Lights”.
  • Download the app.
  • Once your app is downloaded, click to open.
  • Follow the next steps in this instruction sheet before working through the app.

Step 2 Electric Imp Card Setup

  • Remove your electric imp (wireless) card from the the packaging.
  • Insert your electric imp card into the Budweiser Red Light C (the gold conductors on the rear of the card should be facing up). Do not push the card in completely at this stage – you will be advised when to insert it completely during the next stage.
  • Turn on your Budweiser Red Light by increasing the volume adjustment half way or more. You will know it is on when you feel/hear a click from the volume adjustment. A
  • If you wish to quickly test your Budweiser Red Light you can press the red ‘test’ button. E

Step 3 Connecting Your Budweiser Red Light To Wifi

If you haven’t done so already, open the Budweiser Red Lights App and follow the on screen instructions.

IMPORTANT: The device will not function in WIFI environments that require a secondary username and password (e.g. airports, shopping malls and other public areas that may require you to ‘sign up’ once connected to a network).

  • Many home WIFI networks will be suitable for connection as they only require the network name and password. Note: You will need your WIFI network name and password to connect your Budweiser Red Light.
  • Please ensure your smartphone is currently connected to the WIFI network that you wish to connect your Budweiser Red Light to.
  • In order to connect your Budweiser Red Light, you must now insert the electric imp card all the way into the device (the spring hold is engaged) and ensure it is flashing red. If at any stage during the connection process your electric imp stops flashing before the light turns green, we suggest that you turn the Budweiser Red Light off completely, eject and reinsert the electric imp and then turn the device back on before continuing with the connection process. F
  • If connected successfully, your electric imp card will flash green for a few minutes before entering a ‘sleep mode,’ at which point the indicator on the electric imp card may stop flashing. This is your device’s way to conserve battery power. (Note: this may require a few attempts).

NOTE: If you have any trouble connecting your Budweiser Red Light, look for the “?” in the Budweiser Red Lights App for simple help topics.

Step 4 Installing Your Budweiser Red Light

Your Budweiser Red Light is able to be mounted by utilizing the 4 screw holes provided in the base mounting plate. If you are not familiar with mounting such a product please ensure this is undertaken by a professional only.

  • If you would like to mount the Budweiser Red Light in your home, choose a flat surface.
  • You will need 4 screws that will fit comfortably in the 1⁄4” eye sockets and are suitable for the substrate they are being screwed into.
  • Depending on your mounting needs, you may also require an anchor, drill, screwdriver or other appropriate mounting material to secure your light to your desired surface.

Budweiser is not responsible for any damage or injury incurred during installation.

Step 5 Your Budweiser Red Light Is Active

Note: When registering on the Budweiser Red Lights App, please sign up with the same email address you provided during purchase of the light. This will help us to monitor your Budweiser Red Light remotely and diagnose any issues you may have.

  • You can adjust the volume at any time. Please note that reducing the volume button completely (until you feel the ‘click’) turns the unit off.
  • If you leave your Budweiser Red Light on and the volume up, you will be prompted with an automated “5 minutes to game time” warning to ensure you never miss a game.
  • If you ever want to update or change your cities, it’s simple: just start the app again, and run through the same steps as your initial set up. This will include ‘flashing’ the electric imp card to reconnect to your WIFI network. In doing this, you will tell the unit what cities you are following.
  • If you ever feel like taking your Light to your friend’s house, you can connect to their WIFI network by following the steps in the Budweiser Red Lights App.


Your Budweiser Red Light has been created to ensure long- lasting battery life. As such, your electric imp card may not always be blinking as it is in “sleep mode” between games. It will automatically wake up a few minutes prior to game time.

  • If you turn your Budweiser Red Light off and then turn it back on, it will flash red, yellow, green to show that you are reconnected.
  • If you update your own personal WIFI settings, you will need to also update the WIFI connection settings in your Budweiser Red Lights App.
  • The Red Light comes with a one-year limited warranty. This warranty, including service information and other legal information is enclosed. See “Your Budweiser Red Light Warranty”.
  • For other information, updates, or troubleshooting please visit the FAQ section.

Important note on battery installation:
On installation of batteries make sure the positive terminal of the battery is in full contact with the positive metal terminal on the battery holder by pushing each battery in the direction of the arrow. Only ‘D’ cell 1.5V alkaline batteries should be used in this product.